☝️Protocol Rules

The Rules to adhere to

  1. only inscriptions can mutate state

  2. each inscription specifies the contract, function and arguments

  3. each contract has access to event logger API, metadata and ecosystem API

  4. each contract function is either executed fully or not at all, it must not be executed halfway and mutate persistent state

  5. contracts must not access the underlying hardware or damage the hardware or software, if they do they are invalid and will be rejected / removed.

  6. contracts must have a reasonable execution time, otherwise they are invalid and will be rejected / removed

  7. contracts must be pure. Running the inscription with the same beginning state must always result in the same end state

  8. contracts don't have access to any other APIs, then the ones provided by the protocol

  9. contracts are written in TypeScript or JavaScript

  10. contracts are immutable

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