🛣️Roadmap / Future


Public Beta


The protocol is opened up to the public for beta testing. The team reserves the right to make breaking changes to the protocol at this point. The protocol is still in beta and should not be used for large amounts of money. This is enforced by limiting the amount of Bitcoin that can be used within the protocol.



Lambda Token is launched via an IDO on BasedPad.

Incentives Program

Q1 2024

The team will start an incentives program for the protocol to attract users and developers.

Official Launch

Q2-Q3 2024

The protocol is officially launched and ready for production use. The team will continue to work on the protocol and add new features. The limit is removed and changes are clearly communicated and released slowly. It is stable at this point.


Lambda Protocol has a lot of features planned for the future to improve the protocol, UX and developer experience. Overall Lambda is going to be faster, easier-to-use and bigger.

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